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Apprécier la difference... "Appreciate the difference"

Our Coffee

We take great pride in our coffee & tasted many varieties before selecting our 100% Arabica “Café Noir Special Reserve”. Our signature espresso is smooth, well rounded with perfectly balanced body. Rich buttery mouth feel with a deep, dark chocolate aftertaste.

Our Tea

Our tea partners Newby are based in London and their tea production facility is located in Kolkata, India.
Newby teas are very dedicated to providing high quality teas that are preserved in alu foil pouches to ensure maximum freshness that tastes as fresh as the day it leaves the tea garden.
Newby is a member of the Ethical Tea Partnership that is socially just and environmentally sustainable.

Our Sandwich Bar

We will prepare a hot or cold sandwich of your choice made from our hand crafted breads. Every sandwich is tailored to your specific taste because our customers appreciate the difference.

Our Pastries

With our own team of Pastry Chefs we provide a wide selection of handmade pastries, scones, cakes & biscuits.  Savory items include Quiches, Bacon & Brie Croissants, McGeogh’s Sausage Rolls and much more.

Our Salad Bar

A truly unique part of our offer where we will assist you make a wonderful fresh salad from the vast selection of fresh ingredients of Baby Leaves, Roast Mediterranean Vegetables, Spiced Cous Cous, Fresh Prawns, Smoked Salmon, McGeogh’s Ham and much more with a choice of dressings, Caesar, Balsamic, French Vinaigrette, Honey Mustard & Marie Rose.

Our Soups

Our signature soup “Classic French Onion” is encased in a Parmesan Croute and baked while you wait. We also offer a low fat “Soup du Jour” all made from fresh natural ingredients.

Our Pies

Surrounded by fishing ports, we had to include our signature “Fisherman’s Pie” made daily from fresh available seafood. We also include a succulent Beef & Mushroom Pie, capped with Puff Pastry & made from local beef.
We believe that food should be simple, nourishing and delicious. Our standards ensure this happens everyday…